Narrow Loop – Panel Hook – 6″ Long – Qty. 6

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Louvered panel hooks provide flexibility and storage customization to Akro-Mils louvered panels. Panel hooks are perfect for hanging tools and supplies near the work area. Create shadow boards to keep items where you need them!

These hooks fit easily onto any Akro-Mils louvered panels and require no tools for installation. Louvered panel hooks have a durable chrome finish and can be used alongside hanging bins like AkroBins, InSight Bins and Universal Hanging Bins.

Available in straight post, wide loop and narrow loop for a wide range of storage options. Sold in packs of 6. Louvered panels sold separately.

Narrow Loop – Panel Hook – 6″ Long
6″ Long Narrow Loop – 1.5″ Wide
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