From our signature Patient Pal and Trans-Pal I.V. stands with one or two top poles for general clinical use, to the CenterG line of off-set I.V. stands designed to safely managing heavy, multiple infusion devices, and to the Hitch N Pal stand design which allows I.V. stands to travel with a patient’s bed, Pryor Products continues to set the standard for innovative stands and accessories associated with IV therapy. We offer the widest selection of stand bases for every conceivable application, with 4-, 5-, and 6-leg bases available in different diameters, weights and configurations. Stand base materials include steel, stainless steel and durable ABS/Polycarbonate plastic. Heavy duty, premium rubber casters or dual nylon casters are available. Standard features include our patented stainless, slow-descending telescoping pole and stainless top hooks. And our support wheels offer unsurpassed patient safety and balance. Every stand you see here is hand made – designed and manufactured with Pryor Pride.

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