In 1968, a small business, Tri-State Systems, was organized to support the Healthcare community efforts to better organize, access, and control health information. Tri-State Systems, at the cross-roads of Southern IN, Western KY and Southern IL, quickly became a valuable resource to those looking for more efficient processes, less exposure to risk, and lower cost of maintaining mission critical information. To this day, Tri-State Systems has engaged with clients in many industries across North America, and the growth continues under the direction of current CEO/Owner, and grandson to the founder, Mr. Jason Elikofer.

Mr. Elikofer, after the purchase of Tri-State Systems in 2006 quickly went to work improving internal processes and client relationships, growth in new markets, and added technology and professional services to Tri-State Systems solutions. Together, these strategic moves positioned Tri-State Systems to profitably navigate through the 2007-2010’s recession and evolve with the many other aspects of the changing business environment.

New relationships in a familiar market, healthcare, meant new business for Tri-State Systems! The healthcare industry trusted Tri-State Systems to solve complex challenges in the health information department and began to look to Tri-State Systems to bring solutions to care delivery teams and health systems, so ELIKMED was born.

Our approach at ELIKMED is to deliver smart, solution-oriented services and products to the healthcare industry. A comprehensive approach, a high-quality personal service and a national network of representation ensures we can meet the demands of a single independent facility, all the way to a nationwide health system. ELIKMED will respond timely and tirelessly to exceed expectations and solve complex capital equipment requirements.

All of our success we owe to the people we have the opportunity to work for. The culture at ELIKMED is one that values relationships and people, that’s ELIKMED. We are grateful for all of you. You fuel our passion, drive, and energy.

We look forward to working with you soon.