CenterG I.V. Stand RD-617

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Standard Features:

  • This stand is designed to safely support Plum and Symbiq IV pumps or other IV infusion devices and their companion IV fluid containers (double click on the examples below).  Pryor is not affiliated with or authorized by the maker of Plum or Symbiq pumps.
  • 6-legs
  • 27″ diameter, low-center-of-gravity steel base with epoxy finish
  • 3″ premium rubber casters with sealed ball bearings (10 year warranty)
  • Welded 2″ steel base pole with epoxy finish
  • Two off-set 1.25″ stainless telescoping top poles with defeat handles (to assure proper IV pump orientation).  The off-set pole positions the central mass of the infusion devices directly over the central axis of the stand, thus maximizing stability.
  • Two 8-hook rake top assemblies
  • Fixed-position handle at the ideal push-point height
  • 6-outlet electrical strip with protective splash guard (meets UL 1363A standard)
  • 100″ fully extended; 74″ compressed



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