CenterG I.V. Stand #178

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Standard Features:

  • This stand is designed to safely support heavy, multiple IV infusion devices and also companion IV fluid containers
  • 6-legs
  • 25″ diameter, low-center-of-gravity steel base with epoxy finish.  This base has a welded off-set morse taper that allows the stainless IV pole to securely and permanently attach to the base. 
  • 3″ premium rubber casters with sealed ball bearings (10 year warranty)
  • stainless steel IV pole with defeat handle (to assure proper IV pump orientation).  This off-set pole positions the central mass of the infusion devices directly over the central axis of the stand, thus maximizing stability.
  • 12-hook rake top assembly
  • Fixed position handle at the ideal push-point height
  • 82″ fully extended; 62″ compressed
  • Shipping box is 24″ x 9″ x 67″; shipping weight is 54 lbs.



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